Cleaning of generators and highly pure water


Pure water is basic to keep the best of your HHO system.

Despite what they tell on other websites that do nothing but copy us and falsely discredit us, (probably because they do not sell all the products that we sell) we were the first -with proof in hand - to have you recommended and provided pure distilled water evaporated, partly because sometimes a little demineralized water is sold for double-distilled water.

From today, the 'HHOITALY.COM introduces another innovation: "HIGHLY PURIFIED WATER" certified that will be shipped with the technical specifications and certification on the packaging, partly because not all of distilled water / pure are appropriate: it  depends on the degree of distillation or the degree of purification.

What is really importanti s the double distillation or a high degree of purification.

Watch out then from  water you can buy in gas stations or motorway: it can be suitable for battery but not for a hho system,because it is often not pure water and it could damage your system.

If  water is not pure enough, or if it contains  too many minerals, the resistivity values are less than 1 Megaohms - cm, and       will settle more easily on stainless steel plates of the generator, smearing and slowing the production of HHO.

Here’s where you can buy the highly purified water:
1)on  our online store www.hhoitaly.com;
2) from sellers of air conditioners and dehumidifiers (to verify that it is highly purified water);

3) in hardware or in pharmacy;


To test the purity of the water, you can buy  the Professional Purity of Water Meter on our online store.

How to clean a generator/electrolyzer HHO?

1) pour isopropyl alcohol into the generator, to degrease any oil residue on the plates of stainless steel. Leave it for half an hour. Following rinsing with highly purified water.

2) Passivation & crusting removal:
Dissolve 200 g of citric acid in 1L of highly purified water, enter it into the generator and leave for 2 hours. It will remove all residues minerals.
NOTE: While cleaning the HHO generator must not be energized.
Disconnect the generator from electricity.

3) Rinse everything with highly purified water.


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